Friday, August 21, 2009

Beautiful Beach City: Nha Trang

So while we were driving towards Nha Trang, we stopped at another shop. Thanh Huong sells snacks, syrupy grape wine, and non-alcoholic grape syrup.
Employees served us samples of the non-alcoholic stuff over crushed ice while the alcoholic version was served to the adults. It tasted like sweet refreshing grape juice. Very good! My parents bought a couple bottles to give away. You can tell it was all natural due to the brownish colour.
Then we hopped back on our tour bus and we knew we were in Nha Trang when we saw this!!! Miss Universe Convention Center.
Just a view of the ocean side city. <3
For dinner, we ate at Angella Hotel Restaurant.
We were served hot pot (sweet and sour Vietnamese soup with fish and veggies)
Going clockwise from bottom left corner: Deep fried tofu, ?? don't remember, stir fried greens (probably morning glory), deep fried prawns, a 'sweet and sour' type pork ribs, and rice. Everything was really good although I'd stay away from the pork ribs.
We stayed at Blue Ocean Hotel in Nha Trang... Good name, bad initials. b|o was their logo (body odour anyone?)
The whole crew took a walk down a few blocks towards the beach. We were like a line of ants... all 16 of us. I saw this fruit shop. Can you name all the fruits and/or veggies in this image?
I don't have a proper picture of the beach since it was pitch black outside.

Anyways, whoever reads my blog, I'd like to hear from you guys! Please comment, it makes me happy :) I'd also like to hear feedback about my blog (since I'm such a noob =x). How is it so far? How can I improve? etc.

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