Friday, August 28, 2009

One Full Fun-Filled Day in Nha Trang III

After swimming at the beach and going to Hon Chong, we headed to Thap Ba Hot Mineral Spring. (Phone: 834939, Address: 25 Ngoc Son, Nha Trang)
They had mud baths (200,000 VND), mineral water baths (80,000 VND) and a mineral water pool (40,000 VND). We just swam in the mineral water pool (no pic, sorry). It just seemed like salt water to me. And the water was way too hot. I know it's suppose to be relaxing but how can you relax when the weather is 30C (with lots of humidity) and then jumping into a huge pool of 40C salt water... Well I'm sure other people liked it but I got out of the water after just 20-30 mins.
Those huts look like where they kept the VIP Spa mud baths (105 - 240 USD)
After our swim, we walked out to the bus and spotted these taxi drivers waiting there. Looks like they were posing or something haha
Outside of the Hot Spring center, there were people who set up shop selling jewelry, bathing suits, souvenirs, drinks and snacks.
We each got a coconut... and I must say, I'd live in Nha Trang JUST for the coconuts. They definitely have the sweetest most refreshing coconuts. I love it.
We went to eat at Truc Linh 4 Restaurant after. There are several Truc Linh's around in the city.
Outside the restaurant, they were showing off their fresh seafood.
For our first course, we had goi, a salad of shredded cucumber, onions, red peppers, cilantro and tiny little fish with a black sesame rice cracker shell. Hands down the best (or second best) dish served that night. Although I thought the mini fish were a bit weird...
Next up, pan fried fish cubes. I don't know what kind of fish it was but it was really dense and kept it's shape. This was very good. Everyone gobbled it up quickly.
After, we were served fried rice... It was alright, just your regular old fried rice.
Next dish was grilled squid. Dip it in a bit of lime juice and black pepper, this was so tasty. You could taste just how fresh it was. Sorry for the unfocused picture.
After, they served grilled prawns. I didn't have any though... maybe because I was too excited for...
mussels! Topped with some green onions. This also disappeared quickly. We were all stuffed for the night and we thought we were all finished... and then they bring out...
Spicy Thai hot pot! We were all stuffed and actually in a hurry (to get to Vinpearl Land!!!!).
The veggies that came with the hot pot were quite interesting. I don't know the name of the leafy greens at the bottom. But the rest look like chinese cabbage, purple cabbage and a blossom of some sort.
Since we were in a hurry, in goes everything!
Waiting for the goodies to cook... the protein consisted of fish, prawns, squid...
And it was the best hot pot I had in all of Vietnam! Sour, sweet and spicy... a Vietnamese attempt at something Thai. But it was soooooo good. Too bad we were all stuffed and pretty much left the pot full and left :(

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