Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Full Fun-Filled Day in Nha Trang II

Hon Chong - Nha Trang

One of the famous rock formations in Nha Trang called Hon Chong. I googled Hon Chong and didn't find many good pictures of this place. Quite unfortunate since it's so beautiful. If anyone has any nice pictures of Hon Chong, please share!
I didn't get many close up pictures of the rock formation though since I was so keen on getting pictures of the scenic view from the rocks. I thought these desolate looking triangular mountains were pretty. Maybe they were islands... I don't know.
They were selling souvenirs under those green tents (in the first pic). Lots of carved figurines, seashell, coral, and the infamous snake wine.
A lot of this stuff would be illegal to bring back home... such as the snake wine and coral!!! My cousin bought a white seashell hair clip that was carved into a leaf. Very pretty.
The view of the land from the rock formation.
Back inside (the building in the picture above), they were showcasing / selling sand art.
The picture above is interesting. It's like a collage of everything Vietnam. I just noticed the worlds "La Mer" in the bottom left hand corner meaning "the sea". Very fitting :)
By the sand art, a Vietnamese woman was making it. It's basically different coloured sand packed into a clear rectangular container in the correct orientation inside. Since it's so packed in, the sand won't be able to move around and the image won't be ruined.
This was the entrance to the building at Hon Chong.


  1. I have a couple of pics of the rocks. Im writing up a blurb book of our trip in 2007, am hoping I can use your sand pictures as I didnt take any photos. Also, the art work, loooks like the same piece that was there when we

    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply. I don't check this blog often. Sure you can use the pics, please link back your blog so I can read it too! :)