Monday, August 17, 2009

First breakfast

For our first breakfast in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), we went to the first restaurant we found after walking around randomly. This place was called "A Dung". The picture above features fruits for smoothies and fresh coconuts.

This is their "kitchen"... All the cooking happens out in the front.
Outside the restaurant, they were selling Vietnamese sandwiches - "banh mi".
I think this is stewed caramelized pork. Not really sure though.
Fresh ingredients to make stir fried noodles.

We saw a cat underneath the table... (talk about unsanitary.. hehe :P). We decided to chuck a piece of meat at it to see if it would eat it... but it didn't.
We all ordered a fresh coconut. The coconuts are chopped open by the server. It was so cold and refreshing. The juice was sweet and the flesh was smooth and creamy.
I got "banh cuon", kind of like a sheet of rolled rice noodle (but not in noodle form, more like a crepe). Served with Vietnamese ham, bean sprouts and fish sauce. It was great. Everyone else ordered rice plates with grilled pork. Didn't get a picture of that though.

Prices were around 15,000d+, around $1 CAD!

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