Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Suoi Tien Theme Park

We went to Suoi Tien Theme Park. It's really beautiful because it's based on the Imperial Palace. We didn't do much there because the power was out and rides were not functioning properly.
This is the very front steps up to the entrance.
This is the view of the entrance from the outside.
View from the steps looking out.
Inside the theme park.

Suoi Tien Them Park is a beautiful place. Even though the rides weren't working properly, we still had fun! They had water puppet shows, swan boats that you pedal and they had a fruit expo. Lots of cheap fruits... such as rambutans. They were around 2000d (12 cents) per kilo. Much cheaper than other places in Vietnam (I don't know why). I wish I had more pictures of this place, but oddly I don't.
The next day, we hired a tour bus to take us to Nha Trang and Dalat. We stopped at this pho restaurant to eat. While some people had to go to the washroom, I found this slithery giant in the back. Also saw some dogs and chickens.
I ordered beef noodle soup and black iced coffee. It was probably the best pho of the whole trip. Took a picture AFTER I ate it though =X
In the middle of the restaurant, they had a bunch of toys for sale. I must say though, toys in Vietnam are crappy dollar store quality.
Also up on display, SNAKE WINE! Snakes and other goodies, such as scorpions preserved in alcohol. That jar on the right was HUGE!
I wouldn't mind having some of these at home to freak out some friends... or my own mother ha ha.

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